Lee DANO has been running Daraestudio since 2015, and is currently teaching Korean and international course participants pottery wheel throwing and hand building. In addition to her ceramic practice, she works in various other mediums such as drawing, painting, and traditional Korean folk painting. In her studio, a series of ceramic vessels are installed on the floor, forming an unintended environment with stacked clay in packets. Lee participated in group exhibitions such as: 2022, Duo drawing exhibitions at Maps public gallery, 2018 to 2020 drawing exhibitions at Hongik University gallery, 2012 to 2015 at Trend Fair Coex, 2013 group exhibitions “tea bowl” at Gangjin art Hall Jollanamdo. Awards: 2019 Bronze & special recognition ceramic art 1st, The Korean expert exhibition of fine arts Hankuk Gallery.
이단오는 2015년부터 현재 경리단길 이태원에서 도자기공방을 운영하며 외국인, 내국인들에게 손작업, 물레, 오브제등의 도자기작업을 지도하고 있다. 다양한 재료를 사용하여 드로잉,회화, 민화,수채화등의 작업을 하고 있으며 다수의 도자기, 드로잉 단체전시에 참여하였다. 이번 전시에서는 보여지는 원통들은  흙덩어리들 배송과정 또는 공방에 쌓아두어 찌그러지고 눌린자국을 그대로 살려 형태의 자유로움을 표현하였다

invited by Sascha Pohle

Edgar Endress is a George Mason University professor teaching new media. Born in Chile, he has exhibited extensively throughout the Americas, most recently in the Museum of Contemporary Art MACBA Barcelona, Spain, at the Land Art Biennial in Mongolia, and in Pacific Time organized by Getty Museum. His work focuses on syncretism in the Andes, displacement in the Caribbean, and mobile art-making practices. He received his MFA in Video Art from Syracuse University. The series of projects presented for the exhibit uses "hanji" paper from old books found in antique stores. The series used various iconographies to illustrate personal narratives while in Korea.

EdgarEndress는 조지메이슨대학 교수로 뉴미디어를 가르치고 있다. 그는 칠레에서 태어났으며, 최근 스페인 바르셀로나 현대미술관에서의 전시를 비롯해, 몽골의 Land Art Biennial, Getty 박물관이 주관한 PacificTime등 미주 전역에서 광범위하게 전시했다. 그의 작품은 안데스 산 맥의 싱크레티즘 (syncretism, 혼합주의), 카리브해에서의 이주, 모바일 예술 제작에 초점을 맞추고 있다. 그는 Syracuse 대학교에서 비디오 아트 석사 학위를 받았다. 이 전시회에 출품된 일련의 프로 젝트에는 골동품 가게에서 볼 수 있는 오래된 책들의 " 한지" 종이가 사용되었다. 이 시리즈는 다양 한 도상화를 통해 한국에 있는 동안 겪은 개인적인 이야기를 서술하고 있다.

invited by DANO Lee

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