Ye Eun Nam is a painter based in Seoul and is interested in moving beyond the painting surface to three-dimensional space. The artist believes that painting resembles a human body: slippery paint and the innards, solid structures and bones, etc. Currently, she is observing the phenomenon when these forms of the body expand into specific types of space and how literacy changes. 
남예은은 서울 기반으로 활동하는 회화 작가이다. 회화 표면을 벗어나 작업이 공간으로 이동하여 회화의 확장성에 관심을 두고 있다. 작가는 회화를 인간의 몸과 닮았다고 생각하는데 미끌거리는 물감은 신체 내부를, 물감이 밀리는 견고한표면은 뼈를 연상시킨다. 이를 공간으로 확장했을때에 신체또한 확장되며 발화방식도 달라지는 것을 관찰한다. ​​​​​​​
2022. <No doubts just happy accidents> 상히읗, 서울 
2021. <모닝메뉴> 중간지점, 서울
2019. <불안정 진동> Centre A, Vancouver.

invited by Sascha Pohle

Dahye Kim, born 1993, majored in Sculpture. She is currently interested in dismantling boundaries through text. The artist enjoys abject imagination to scavenge an arabesque in a grotesque mass. Also she believes that personal speeches lacking specificity is a metaphor for ‘unable’ or ‘invisible’ of the potentiality (refer to Aristotle).
김다혜는 93년생으로 조각을 전공했다. 최근 텍스트를 통해 경계를 허무는 일에 관심이 있다. 에브젝트적인 상상력을 발휘하는 것을 즐기는 데 그로테스크한 덩어리 속에서 아라베스크함을 발견할 수 있을 것만 같다. 구체성이 결여된 개인적 발화는 잠재적 상태(참조, 아리스토텔레스)의‘할 수 없는’ 혹은 ‘보이지 않음’을 은유한다.​​​​​​​

invited by Ye Eun Nam

Nok (1993) studies the different methods of making sound with a focus on electronic music concepts. She mainly works with ambient, and techno, and seeks to correspond with nature by creating a specific atmosphere and melodic depth. Sound works are showcased in various forms, including recordings, exhibitions, and live performances.
김해인(Nok)은 전자음악을 컨셉으로 소리를 내는 여러 방법에 대해 연구한다. 주로Ambient, Techno 성향의 음악을 만들며, 특정한 분위기와 깊이있는 멜로디로 자연과 상응함을 추구한다. 작품은recording을 비롯해 전시 혹은 라이브퍼포먼스등 다양한 형태로 보여진다.
2022. 온수공간 김민지 개인전 <우연적 환상> 음악 제작 
2022. 국립현대무용단 안무랩 유지영 ’와스스와스스’ 음악 제작
2022. 신촌극장 <섬모를 따라>  음악 제작 
2021. 중간지점 2인전 <모닝메뉴> 음악 제작 

invited by Ye Eun Nam and Daye Kim
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